Limited L&D expertise? No problem.

Fig takes the guesswork and tech-work out of learning by...

Exclusively partnering with SMBs

Giving you access to the best learning tech

Guiding you every step of the way

Exclusively partnering with SMBs

Giving you access to the best learning tech

Guiding you every step of the way

We're dedicated to serving SMBs and SMBs alone.

The reason we understand the challenges small to medium businesses face is that you're all we work with. And we love it that way.

We focus on helping you:

Adapt to a rapidly
changing world

Remote/hybrid workplaces, job roles, and technology constantly evolve, and we understand that what gives SMBs a competitive advantage is active investment in employee training and development.

Attract and retain
top talent

Ambitious employees want opportunities to develop their skills and career on the job. By adding value to the work environment through learning we help SMBs boost employee confidence and sense of direction.

Build an
inclusive workforce

A global and diverse SMB workforce leads to increased creativity, improved problem-solving, more effective decision-making, and stronger teams. We build bridges that connect your people.

And our customers
are loving us for it...

"Fig is definitely a partner organization that cares about our outcomes. They have a passion for L&D, their platform and customer service is excellent."

Jan Byrzeal Sr. Director, HR

"Within three months we were able to launch company-wide with a suite of custom sales enablement learning opportunities, new onboarding process, and rolled out our yearly compliance training."

Beth Sumner Sr. Manager, People & Culture

"The support from Jonathan and Katie has been invaluable, as they provide personal assistance and quick responses. This level of support sets them apart from other providers."

Cheyenne Robinson 
Sr. Product Training Specialist

"Our January 2023 employee engagement on the platform was 95%."

Tiara Buckmaster Talent Coordinator

Together, we'll optimize
your learning culture as we:


Define your learning purpose and get executives on board


Align learning initiatives with your business priorities


Make time for learning and reward those that do


Engage learners with content from multiple sources and keep content fresh


Focus on engagement by making learning relevant, contextual, and personalized


Empower learning champions and ambassadors across the organization


Leverage your internal experts to share their knowledge and expertise


Listen to feedback and provide learners what they need to achieve their goals


Promote and communicate the value of your learning initiatives consistently

And give you access to only
the best tech.

With industry-leading learning technologies
combined into a single solution, the possibilities are almost endless.

The award-winning platform that blends formal, social and experiential learning modalities powered by artificial intelligence.

OpenSesame offers the most comprehensive catalog of curated eLearning courses in a variety of formats and languages.


We believe there's nothing more
valuable than simply getting started.

Which is why the heavy lifting is on us.

We take you by the hand through our step-by step guided process from getting to know your needs, building you a solution your team values, and supporting you through the launch and growth of your learning culture.




Don't just take
our word for it...

Here's Paola from Terviva
sharing their story

Paola O, HR Business Partner